Inventory Management

Inventory Management

At Datascan Retail Systems, we offer several inventory management solutions to help businesses streamline their inventory processes and optimize their stock levels.


RIOT, is a fast forward take on in-store RFID for fashion retailers. The RIOT RFID software solutions provide fashion retailers with up-to-date control and visibility of their inventory. This means that retailers can track sales and managed their inventory to save hours of manual labour with their inventory management software & packages.

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Foundry Logic, offers real-time inventory tracking, automated reorder points, and customizable reporting to help businesses make data-driven decisions about their inventory. It allows you to check inventory status and validate labels with one scan of an SKU, UPC, or ALU, an item’s status is retrieved and displayed on the screen.

Foundry Logic

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Retail Pro’s default management is an inventory management system that is built into the Retail Pro point-of-sale software. With Retail Pro, businesses can manage their inventory levels, track sales and returns, and generate reports on their inventory performance. Retail Pro also offers integration with other systems, such as e-commerce platforms and accounting software, to help businesses streamline their operations.

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Inventory Management in a Warehouse

No matter which inventory management solution a business chooses, Datascan is committed to providing high-quality support and customer service to ensure that our clients get the most out of their inventory management system.

Let us provide you with an efficient and reliable inventory management for your business